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  • Deposits can be made through Cashapp or Amazon gift card. The remainder of your tribute is to be paid in CASH upon arrival.

  • Be punctual!  Do not arrive late and do not arrive early.  I will be on time for you and expect the same courtesy in return.  If you are running late simply text Me to tell Me so.  It's amazing how the simple things like common sense and courtesy can make you stand out from the pack.

  • I will take the lead in any conversations we have, whether via text, mail or in person.  Be prepared to answer simple questions.  People find Me non judgmental and very easy to talk to.  The more clear you are about your experiences and and interests the easier it is for Me to determine if we are compatible for a session as well as prepare for one if you are.    If I determine that we are not compatible please respect that.

  • New clients are REQUIRED to book a 2 hour session minimum.  It takes time to get to know each other a little and get into a scene, we don't want to be rushed.

  • BE DISCRETE!   Discretion no matter if you are a novice or experienced BDSM enthusiast is at the heart of everything we both do.

  • Be sober and drug free.  If I suspect otherwise I will not continue and your deposit will be forfeit.

  • My rates are not negotiable with the exception of extended length sessions of more than 4 hours.  Do not ask otherwise.  The rates are fair, flat and reasonable considering the nature of play involved and the time and effort I have put into preparing a dungeon for us.

  • Topping from the bottom is not acceptable.  (If you don't know what this means look it up before coming to me).   It's okay to let go.  I've got you!

  • Prior to arrival ensure that you are showered, clean and teeth are brushed.  If you are contacting me for strap play be sure you are exceptionally clean before arrival.   

  • Leave the outside world behind.  Sub space is an amazing place, so leave your phones outside and any other distractions.  

  • Be courteous and respectful at ALL times.  Even during communications.  Address Me as Goddess Meadow or Mistress Meadow.  Nothing else!

  • My skills are in BDSM only.  If you are seeking a more "personal" experience then please go elsewhere.  There is absolutely no sex offered or implied in My services.

  • Appointments require at least 24 hours advanced notice minimum.  This allows Me time to arrange My schedule appropriately.

  • I accept contact through my FETLIFE or email at

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