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From first contact to session day.

You’ve taken the time to browse my website and you’re ready to book a session- wonderful. I’ll take you through your next steps and what to expect. 


Should you have questions that may dictate whether you’d like to come to my dungeon, you are welcome to email me or contact me through Fetlife or Twitter. Please be respectful and right to the point. My inboxes are often full of absolute nonsense (as I’m sure you can imagine) so you’ll want to be clear about why you are messaging me.


Step 1: Fill out the contact form on my website ( If we have had conversations previously, please make note of what platform (fet/email/etc) and your username/email there so I can connect your application with our conversation.


Please, for the love of all things kinky, TRIPLE CHECK your email. If you type in your email (and/or your phone number) incorrectly, I have absolutely zero way to respond to you. 


Step 2: If we have a conversation going already, let me know that you’ve filled out the initial request form so I can look for it. If we haven’t had contact yet, wait for an email response from me. I usually catch them pretty quickly, so you should expect a reply within 24 hours (sometimes up to 48 if I am traveling. Longer than that, please send me an email because probably you put your damn email in wrong)


Step 3: Provide a reference. A name and way to contact a past Pro Domme you’ve met with and any information about how I may let them know who you are. This will significantly expedite your approval process. 

No reference to give? No worries. Instead, we will have a handful of back and forth messages so I can get to know a bit more about you and decide if we will be a good fit.

Step 4: You’ll receive a link from me that goes to an interests/limits form. Please take your time and be extremely mindful when filling this out, as I use it for planning your sessions. There’s plenty of space at the end of the form to add any additional information, clarify anything, or even let me know things you’re unsure of but maybe would like to explore. You may send me a message letting me know you’ve completed this, but it is not necessary.


Step 5: After I’ve gone through your form, I will likely have a few more simple questions for you to be sure I’ve got a solid idea of you, your interests, and what we will explore together.


Step 6: At this point I will either give you the green light and we will together select a date/time, or I will decline your session request. It is uncommon, but if I do not feel that I can provide the focus you are looking for I will not waste your time or money. 


Step 7: After we’ve selected a date and time, it is now time to send your deposit. My preference is cashapp ($MeadowRichards) but I also will accept an amazon gift card to my email. This reserves your slot so it doesn’t go to anyone else and of course the amount goes towards the total cost of your session. Should you cancel within 24 hours of your session, you forfeit this deposit.

I do my best to send you a confirmation that I’ve received your deposit the moment it hits my account. Occasionally I’m away from home, in session, or sleeping when you send the deposit so do not panic if you don’t hear from me right away. 


Step 8: The day before your session I will text you both to confirm your session and so that you have my number. I’ll provide an address near to the dungeon that you will go to about 10 minutes before the start of your session.

Step 9: It’s session day! When you’ve arrived at the address I sent you the day before, park your car and text me to tell me you’ve arrived. From there I’ll provide final instructions on how to get to the dungeon, which is just a few minutes further drive. 

You will need to somewhat lift/slide a sticky wooden gate, so if this is not physically accessible to you please let me know beforehand and I will leave the gate open for you.

Be sure you arrive clean, showered, and ready to play, with the remainder of the session amount in cash. (please note my very limited bathroom options. You may view the photos on my website to get an idea)


If you have any questions at any point during this process, reach out to me at any time. I know that it can be a bit scary to have a session with someone new, and can be especially scary if this is your first ever session and I try to make this process as painless as possible (before the fun pain begins ;) )

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